Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another awesome piece from Saturday's GSA workshop

No more running.
I’ve been quiet for too long
while you’ve breathed Sodom and Gomorrah-
all those fags who done got what they deserved.

Time to express, liberate myself;
The truth shall set me free.
So here’s the meat of what I’m saying-
No more vegetables in this speech-
I’m queer as all get-out.

Now comes the hard part- resilience.
How do I cope with your eyes,
Your lips drawn tight?
How do I cope with being a different kind of human?

You ask me, what would Jesus say
when I finally reach the gilded gates?

This life is my masterpiece.
It just so happens my paint is rainbow.

My hands clench into fists.
I am alive, I say.
I’m living for love.

If Jesus asks about that at the gilded gates, I’ll tell him I’m living for that
And for girls.


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